When Life Feels Messy, Remember This

April 11, 2017

I’m sure it didn’t go the way he’d planned. In fact, his words just moments before indicated he had great expectations. And something tells me this is not what he meant.

We stood side by side on the front row, eager for another wonderful Sunday of worship. My family and I sit on the front row – not because we’re super holy Christians, not because we’re always on time so we can grab the best seats in the house – but because when you sit on the front row there’s no one in front of you to bother when the kids kick the seats.

Anyway, we stood there on the front row while our music director shared how he felt something really special would happen that day. Then we proceeded to sing …

During the course of worship, our music director actually messed up a few times (which he never does) and I think the band may have even been playing different measures a time or two … nevertheless, my crew and I bellowed at the top of our lungs. And in the midst of this chorus I realized,

We sound awful!

Like really bad. Some of us were basically yelling. Some of our voices cracked. Some right notes. Some wrongs ones. Just kind of a big old-fashioned mess.

But in the midst of that mess of a music moment, my thoughts drifted to God on His throne, and I smiled … because I think He smiled … because

Perfect is not the standard that pleases God.

Life is messy sometimes. Parenting is messy. Marriage is messy. Friendships and work and chores and families – it’s all messy. And we’re not always doing it right.

But God isn’t waiting for us to get it right to please Him.

We don’t have to sing on key to be in tune with God.

Sometimes I think we evaluate our relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, based on how well we do. If we look around and can say things are basically under control, we feel good about ourselves. We decide we’ve done well enough to represent God, to come to His throne, to ask things of Him, and enjoy His presence.

But, when we look around and see total chaos. When we uncover one mess after another and have no idea how to clean them up, we decide we must be doing something wrong. God isn’t pleased. He’s not available, or He’s waiting on us to figure it out before we can live in His presence.

But today, I’d like to invite you to stop trying so hard to impress God.

Stop trying so hard to impress God, and simply be impressed by Him.

I don’t know if our music director was happy with how things went that Sunday, but I know God did sweet things in my heart. He reminded me how beautiful a big old mess can be. He reminded me He’s pleased, even when we wouldn’t call things perfect. And I pray, He’s reminded you of that today, too.

He saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to His own mercy.” Titus 3:5