Welcoming Mallory Brown

June 1, 2017

We are so excited to announce the addition of Mallory Brown to the Increase Women’s ministry team! Mallory brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to the table. She has a track record of passionately serving women of the NFL, both through her 8 years in the league, as well as through “The NFL Wife Handbook”- a ministry she started almost two years ago to share testimonies of NFL wives and to disciple women through Bible study content. Her faithfulness to consistently post Biblically rich content on Instagram has no doubt been a blessing to many of you already.

Mallory’s husband Donald was a running back for 8 years with the Colts, Chargers, and Patriots. They have 3 precious little boys (Hudson: 4, Piersen: 2, and Jude: 2 months) and have “settled down” in La Jolla, which is a unique experience after the nomadic lifestyle of the NFL:) Mallory loves adventures with her kids, baking (she’s off the hook), fitness, studying the Bible, journaling, and staying caffeinated (a must for her insanely early wake ups). She is also a podcast and book junkie.

Furthermore, with the addition of Mallory Brown to our staff, we are leaning on her wisdom and experience to revitalize The Increase Women on Instagram. We have established monthly themes for the 2017/2018 year, and will post short devotionals daily that we hope will be a source of Biblical wisdom and blessing to you. Covering topics from “The Gospel,” to “Finances,” to “Grace” and “Identity in Christ”- we are eager to proclaim God’s Word to you daily. Make sure to follow us here so you don’t miss out!!

Our first theme starting June 1 is “Who I am in Christ.” We pray God will use these daily posts to remind you of every spiritual blessing accessible to you in Christ, as well as increase your enjoyment of His life, presence, and power as you walk by faith. We encourage you to meditate on who you are and thank the Lord each day as you read.