Be Fruitful and Multiply

March 30, 2016

Since my pooch belly is out, the secret is coming out too. Yup, that’s our baby #8! (Picture taken just 3 weeks ago, at just 9 weeks old! Not just a clump of cells here:)

I usually get two basic reactions to an announcement like this: 1) thumbs up, high fives, shared excitement. Or 2) the bulging eyes, the shaking of the head, “You must be crazy!”…  Since now we “have our girl,” (which is most people’s assumption of why we kept going) what gives?

Well, if anyone wants to know, the answer is right here. In a VERY small nutshell, it comes down to this:

Two minds set on eternity.

Two people who, at one time, lived for themselves, realized the emptiness of this life and the destruction of their paths. Two people were introduced to the fullness, love, grace, mercy and salvation through Jesus Christ. Two people went from death to life; empty lives destined for hell without Jesus to two lives filled with purpose, peace, hope and greater perspective that went beyond themselves.

Kabeer and I have never been the same since God got a hold of us. Our gratitude for what He’s delivered us from and our hope in what He will bring us to is what moves us, drives us, and directs our steps. Because of His Word, because of His prompting, and out of obedience, we knew that our family was going to grow (way more than I asked and imagined!) We answered the call to pour into a family what has been poured into us.

This is why we continue to be fruitful and multiply, to choose to leave a legacy that can impact generations. We have purposed to raise up godly leaders; to equip them with the Word of God, to pray them up to love the Lord and walk in His ways, to be an example of lives focused on Christ, to be set apart, to be salt and light for those around them.

Never in “my right mind” did I think I would be married and have 7+ kids. In “my right mind” why would I even want to bring kids into this crazy, corrupt world in which we live? In my flesh, I can fear, I can live with a mind set on “today,” I can pretend that things are just as they were when I grew up. But we all know that’s not the case. So what gets us through? Why are we doing what we are doing? Because our minds are set on eternity. I have always said, “God, if you want me to have more babies, let Your will be done. You provide, You make it happen.” I even asked God, in my shallow thinking, “Lord, if I do this, can you get me back into pre-baby weight after each one?” Of course, in His humor, literally whenever I have reached my goal weight, BOOM, there it is! Pregnant again. That’s the God we serve, an intimate God who hears us, who says to cast ALL our cares on Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). He is the Almighty God who loves us, who is with us, and who will never leave us.

When I fear or second guess myself, when I fill my mind with all the junk of this world and think about what persecution that my may suffer, I’m reminded of the God of the Bible, the God that is in control. The God who parted seas, delivered Daniel from the lion’s den, delivered 3 men from the fiery furnace, made 12 scared, simple minded disciples into bold men who unwaveringly shared the Gospel of Jesus. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is the one who loves me and hears me, even in all my sinfulness and failings. He is also the one who loves my children even more than we ever can. He has allowed us to have these children for such a time as this. That’s what get me through.

A song we sang at church on Easter Sunday was so fitting for the peace God gives us, for what allows me to rest in the fact that our children are under the shadow of His wings. Death, where is your sting?!