Serah Maragos

My name is Serah Maragos. I live in Philadelphia, Pa (which is so odd, I never thought I would write that) and am a wife to my incredible husband Chris and a mommy to two of the most vibrant little boys, Micah & Mason, (M&M).

My husband and I were married right out of college and have been on a sweet ride ever since. We have moved from Wisconsin to San Francisco to Seattle to Philadelphia in almost five years, and somehow threw 2 little monkeys in there along the way (whew!). We feel so grateful to be on the path the Lord has led us on. He has faithfully carried us as we have committed to following his lead.

I strive for my writing to be honest. I have felt compelled to share what life really is and not just what things “appear” to be. Whether it be good, bad, or ugly. We all know those Instagram pics that are perfectly posed (don’t worry I have done it too, sadly) when the reality is that after that picture is snapped it goes back to the chaotic reality. I have felt the call to be a voice assuring you that you’re not alone. The Lord has shown me over and over again that in our weakness, He is made strong.

So as I write in the midst of the craziness of being a wife and mommy, my prayer is that in some way it will be glorifying to Him and encouraging to you.

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