Lauren Cox

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN, and I attended the University of TN where I met my husband Morgan. We got married in 2011 and have been with the Baltimore Ravens since 2010. I spend most of my time writing and crafting, and am currently working as an actor in the Baltimore area and the city of Los Angeles.

I’m really good at starting 100 things all at once. My husband and I move a bunch, so I’m a pro at packing + getting rid of things I don’t need before I develop a ridiculous sentimental attachment — this is a bad habit of mine. I love musicals and have a knack for getting songs stuck in my friends’ heads. I like to think of myself as a reader that is also well rounded when it comes to music, but I only read when I travel and given a multiple choice test of which artist goes with which song, I would fail. But I am passionate about many things — a few of them being great friends, red wine, my hometown, Christmas & the beauty of the outdoors. I love my husband, miss my family, work hard to do my best at all 100 tasks I assign myself & love the life God’s given me + the ability to desire Him daily.

Hobbies that are turning into more than just hobbies: acting, singing, crafting with canvases + wood slabs, blogging, photography, grilling, snapchatting my dog, buying sweaters & documenting — everything I do.

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