Jessica Wuerffel

I was born and raised in Ohio, and schooled in MI, though it was all in error. My parents never got the memo that I don’t do cold and should’ve been raised in Florida. That being the case, I got out of the wintery north as soon as I was able, and with God’s blessing, settled in the second best spot outside of heaven: the Gulf Coast. While living there, I met this cute, tall guy that some people knew as a Heisman trophy winner, but to me was just…well, cute!

Danny and I married in 1999 and then traversed the nation with the NFL for the next 13 moves and 4 years, settling in New Orleans when all was said and done. By then, we had become embedded in a ministry for inner city children; a mission near and dear to our hearts. Katrina would move us four more times, bringing us to our current home in Atlanta, GA, where we’ve amassed three little peanuts, two dogs, and a house full of ADHD.

I write from experience, and since most of my experience seems to be God teaching me a lesson, I have a lot to say! Being completely scattered in brain, mind, interest, and life, my blog and outside writings come from the unfortunate (fortunate) results of finding teachable moments in everyday life.

Most important things in life to me? Easy: My precious Lord Jesus, my family, helping those in need, fitness, Starbucks coffee and chocolate chip cookies!