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Becky York

Originally from New Hampshire, I now live in Colorado with my husband where I works as PAO’s Community Manager. I am passionate about spreading the Gospel and sports…What better way to share the love of Jesus than through America’s favorite pastimes? I also have a great love for worshiping God through music, which has led my husband and I to co-lead the music ministry at our local church in Aurora, Colorado.

Since we think a lot about “The Increase” (John 3:30) here at PAO, I feel like this has begun to significantly shape who I am. I am so glad I have been put on this earth for a greater purpose than myself! God’s primary plan for my life is for me to be a part of the greater mission to spread the Gospel of Christ’s love and salvation to the world- what an honor that is! With this aim, I want to become less so that Christ may increase. I only hope that I can be a glimpse of Christ’s love to others so that He may be glorified.

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